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Thursday, December 26, 2013

3 Free Berenstain Bears Classroom Guidance lessons to use with ActivInspire / Promethean boards

I created 3 free classroom guidance lessons -- perfect for K-3 elementary school counselors teaching socio-emotional and cognitive objectives! You can easily save the lessons to a thumb drive or download to your school's shared drive to access the file when you present your classroom guidance lesson on the Promethean Board in the classrooms. (This is a great way to use technology with students!) 

Most counselors already have these Berenstain Bears books in their collections. If you don't already have them, check your school library. If not, the paperback books can be purchased for $5-6 each. All 3 lessons also have links to the 10-12 min. movies on YouTube.

Elementary school counselor teaches bully prevention with Berenstain Bears' Double Dare story

Berenstain Bears and the Double Dare (ActivInspire lesson: 8 slides)
  • K-3 lesson on bully prevention and making good choices. Compare and contrast the book with the movie. Students share positive ways to deal with bullies and how to make good choices when it's hard to do so.
  • Story line: Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang dare Brother to steal a watermelon from Farmer Ben's patch, and when the gang runs away, Brother is caught. Farmer Ben  offers Brother advice about standing up for what is right. 
Elementary school counselor teaches cooperation with Berenstain Bears' "Mama's New job" story
Berenstain Bears -- Mama's New Job (ActivInspire lesson: 7 slides)
  • K-3 lesson on teamwork, cooperation and family. Compare and contrast the book with the movie. Students share about perseverance and helping out around the house.
  • Story line: When Mama turns her quilt-making hobby into a business, the Bear family worries that she won't have time for them. But as everyone pitches in to help her, they realize that things aren't so different after all--and they're prouder of Mama than ever!
Elementary school counselor teaches about bad habits with the Berenstain Bears
Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit (ActivInspire lesson: 7 slides)
  • K-3 lesson on stopping bad habits. Compare and contrast the book with the movie. Students share about different bad habits and how they can stop themselves.
  • Story line: With help from Mama and Papa (who get a little advice from Grizzly Gran), Sister Bear learns to stop her nervous nail biting before it turns into a bad habit.   

NOTE: If you aren't already a member of TeacherPayTeachers (TpT), it's definitely worth the time to sign-up so you can download LOTS of great resources for free (and for a fee) from working counselors and teachers! Even though it's designed for teachers, there is a School Counseling section.

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