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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fiddlers help students relax, play, and talk!

Elementary school counselors use Fiddlers to help children (and adults) relax, play, and soothe themselves while talking

Many students love holding a Fiddler when they talk to help them have something to focus on instead of watching for the counselor's reaction to what they are saying. Fiddlers help students release their anxious energy when they squeeze different stress balls. Also, Fiddlers soothe students when when they watch the water bubbles float or pluck the strands from a Koosh® Ball. 

Are Fiddlers only for students? Not in my experience. Parents and teachers often pick them up during conferences and they seem to enjoy the tactile stimulation during our conversation as much as the students do.

I also like to use Fiddlers as a conversation starter, with some suggestions below for each Fiddler.

My top 10 favorite Fiddlers are:
Elementary school counselors use Koosh balls with students
 1. Koosh® Ball

 What do you like to do for fun?

Elementary school counselors use magnetic rings stand with students
 2. Magnetic Rings Stand

 What would you like to balance better?
Elementary school counselors use Jacob's Ladder with students.
 3. Jacob's Ladder

 What would you like to change?
Elementary school counselors use Hoberman spheres with students.
 4. Hoberman® Sphere

 What seems to get out of control?
Elementary school counselors use Switch Pitch, by Hoberman, with students.
 5. Switch Pitch®

 Changes colors when tossed
 (It is made by Hoberman)

 What changes would you like?
Elementary school counselors use horshoe puzzles with students to show what's possible.

 6. Horseshoe Puzzle
 (Even though it seems impossible, 
 show students how to remove the ring)

 What else has seemed impossible?
Elementary school counselors use bendy figures with students. 7. Bendy figures

 How do you want to be more flexible?
Elementary school counselors use Morf balls with students.
 8. Morf® Balls
 (They change colors when squeezed) 

 What's on your inside that no one sees?

Elementary school counselors use Slinkies with students.
 9. The Slinky®

 What's something hard to get through?
Elementary school counselors use Whirly Wheel Gyroscope toys with students.
 10. Whirly Wheel Gyroscope Toy®

 Do you ever go too fast and get off track?

Like most counselors, I'm always on the lookout for more Fiddlers. Toys-R-Us, museum gift shops, toy stores, Trainer's Warehouse, and the Dollar Store have supplied me for years!

In the comments section below, share what your favorite Fiddler is and/or where you found it:

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  1. I LOVE how your gadgets go with inquiries ... thanks for a fun idea! I've got a few of these but must update my toy bin!

    Happy new year, Scott.


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