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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Students love playing "Hookball" while talking

Hookball is a fun and simple game to play while talking!

 Elementary school counselors play Hookball with students
On a rainy day when a student said how much he loved playing basketball and we were unable to go outside, we invented the game of Hookball. It was an instant success. The rules are flexible.

Students love playing Hookball during individual and group counseling sessions. It can be a great way for students to release nervous energy while talking, especially when the focus is on the door instead of direct eye contact. Hookball is a fun and simple game to play while talking.

1. Players take turns throwing the O-ball onto the coat hook. 
2. When the ball touches the hook, the player gets 1 point. 
3. When the ball lands on the hook, he/she gets 3 points. 
4. Players gets 2 throws for each turn.
5. First player to earn a total of 11 points wins.
6. When throwing the ball, player must be behind the 6-foot line.

Advantages to the game:
  • Reinforces taking turns.
  • Quick game to play.
  • Counselor can play with students.
  • Easy to learn how to play. Fits easily in all size hands.
Disadvantages to the game:
  • Requires purchasing an O-ball. (Approx. $7 at most stores for 4.5" size)
  • Students will want to play more than one game at a time.
 In the comments section below, please share a fun game that you like to play with students.

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