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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elementary school counselors help teachers motivate students to finish their work

Do you have students who don't want to get started with their work or they never seem to finish because they get distracted?

Many students simply need encouragement to finish their work and they are eager to help their teacher if that's an incentive to complete their work.

So, here's how it goes...
  1. Make 5 copies of this file. (You can customize it with your teacher names.)
  2. Cut them out so you have 10 letters. (They are 2 per page.)
  3. Label 10 envelopes with the names of your administrators, secretaries, specialists, and you!
  4. Put the letters in the envelopes with the names of the 10 destinations.
Now you are ready to give all 10 envelopes to a teacher so she can keep them handy on her desk and take one up to a student who is not doing his/her work and say, "I see you are on number 2. Do you need any help? When you are done with your work, will you let me know so I can get you to deliver this note to Mr./Mrs. _______ for me?"

When the work is completed to the teacher's satisfaction, the student will be allowed to deliver the message as a favor to the teacher.

Students are eager to help their teachers and the short walk will do them some good instead of staying trapped at their desk all day. The bonus is that the recipient will thank the student for being such a great helper. Also, the recipient will simply put the envelope back in the teacher's box so he/she can repeat with other students when needed.

In the comments section below, will you share another strategy you use to encourage students to complete their work?

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  1. Great idea and one I will try at my school. Thanks!

  2. I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit