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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ways to calm down students at the end (and during) classroom guidance

Classroom guidance can be a fun way to get students engaged in role plays, partner and group activities and interactive games. However, keeping good classroom management is a crucial and difficult balancing game.

Over the years, I have acquired a variety of ways to quickly focus and calm students without yelling or having to turn off the lights or stand with my arm in the air and wait for them to finally stop. Students need to learn how to quickly stop themselves and catch their breaths instead of getting too loud or out of control.
Also, ending a guidance class with students still hyped up is not fair to the teacher or students since they are not prepared to listen and focus to their next lesson. Teachers appreciate when I restore the students to calm and order. Students are glad that they had an opportunity to move instead of having to stay in their seats the whole time.

Before an activity, it's important to practice your new centering technique with students so they will be ready to follow the directions when the class is louder.

My Top 5 Centering Techniques:

1) Say, "Hocus." Students say "Focus."

2) Say, "Touch your head. Touch your nose. Wiggle your fingers. Now, touch your toes. Close your eyes. Breathe. Slowly stand back up ready to hear what's next."

3) Say, "Tootsie Roll." Students say, "Lollipop." Everyone says, "We were talking, now we stop."

4) Clap 3 times. Students clap 3 times. Clap to a beat 5 times. Students repeat.

5) Say, "If you can hear me, clap 2 times. If you can hear me, stomp 2 times. If you can hear me, sit down in your chair and breathe."

In the comments section below, please share some of your favorite ways to help students get back in control.

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