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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Every student participates during classroom guidance!

Here's a fun way to get
every student to participate during classroom guidance lessons!

It's great when some students are eager to participate for your lessons, but here's a simple way to involve every student. The best thing is that students get to decide when they want to participate.

Give every student a cut-out hand and say that when they share, you will collect it until everyone has shared one time. Then, it's fair game for anyone to participate. The quiet students will be able to choose when they are going to raise their hand, while the highly expressive students simialrly decide when they will "cash-in" their time to talk.

Here's a free template (2 hands per page) to download: 2-hands.pdf 

(I print mine on heavy cardstock paper, cut them in half and then laminate to last longer.)

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