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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Use this powerful visual to transform anyone's attitude!

Feel like you are missing something?

Ever think that life would be better if only... 

Always looking for something, but never truly satisfied?

Counselors have a special gift to help others feel grateful
for what they have instead of what they don't.


Simply take a moment to focus on what IS working well in your life instead of what isn't.

For example, when a student complains about not having friends, getting bad grades, or not seeing their father on the weekends, find something positive to think about instead. 

What is there to be grateful for in his/her life? 
  • health?
  • speech?
  • brain?
  • memory?
  • family?
  • hobbies?
  • pets?
  • future?
  • grades?
  • friends?
  • interests?
  • freedom?
  • abilities?
  • dreams?
  • body?
  • sight?
When you feel like there is a hole inside, take your life back by paying attention to what is IN your life instead of what is NOT in your life.

Sometimes being around others who are don't have a fully-functioning body can help us appreciate what we do have. Being around someone with difficulty breathing or speaking can help us appreciate how much we take advantage of our health. We can't change others, but we can change how we perceive our own life and what we focus on each day. 

Feel free to use this handout for students to write down the parts of their life that are working well. Endure the typical "Nothing" response. Consider looking at pictures of others who are missing what we so frequently forget.

For some people, their spirituality is very important. For them, using the red triangle to represent God can be a visual example of what is leading their life. When it is the point of their life and driving their thoughts, words and actions, they don't feel anything missing. When anything else is driving their life, it's easy to feel like it's never good enough, never real, or impossible to attain.

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