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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top 5 Questions Bloggers Want To Ask Their Readers

Top 5 Questions 

Bloggers Want to Ask 

Their Readers:

Just so you know, this information is based on a 100% scientific, double-blind study with a control group and extensive interview of over 3,500 bloggers. Okay, I admit it, this is just what I think every blogger secretly wishes. (I certainly do!)

1. Do you like my post and/or is it helpful? Why don't you like it when it only takes a second?

2. What ideas could you add to the conversation so everyone can benefit even more?

3. Will you share a link to my post on your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, blog, or email list?

4. Why don't you ever comment? Just a quick "Thanks!" is great. Fewer than 1% of readers ever comment. (This is another factoid.)

5. What would you like to read about? We love suggestions, tips, ideas, and collaborating.

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