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Monday, May 19, 2014

Test Taking Tips -- with a fun visual to prove a point!

5 Top
Test Taking Tips

Read the test taking tip in the triangle. Did you notice anything? Read it again. 

Most people don't notice the "the the" in the sentence. This is a fun way to show students how important it is to slow down when they read. In our efforts to help students stay calm and show what they know for the tests as school comes to a close, it's helpful to share some top test taking tips:

1) When you have questions where you are unsure, give your best guess and be sure to return to those questions when you are finished with that section of the test. Your brain might be able to recall the answer after it has had a "break." Decide if you should circle the question in your test booklet or write on a separate sheet of paper which questions to re-visit. Be sure to check with your test manual for guidelines about writing in the test book and/or answer sheet.

2) If allowed, write your answers in your test book. Check that your answers match your answer sheet after every section (5-10 problems) to make sure that they don't get misaligned.

3) Work at a medium pace, not too fast or too slow. Decide ahead of time if you need to slow down to stop yourself from trying to finish first or if you need to speed up instead of thinking too long and confusing yourself by over-thinking the answers. 

4) Eliminate the answers that are obviously wrong. Choose which answer is the best answer instead of which answer is correct. Don't try to be clever in coming up with an argument for why one answer "could" be correct.

5) Remember: "This is only a test. I'm going to take this time to show what I know. I've worked hard learning a lot of information this year and I can figure this out. I'm not expected to remember everything, but I am expected to do the best that I can.

Feel free to add your favorite test taking tips in the comments below.

You can download the Test Taking Triangle above here.

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