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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Ways To Get Free Bouncy Bands!

  3 Ways To Get
Free Bouncy Bands!

Bouncy Bands help students:
  • Release extra energy by bouncing their feet or stretching their legs while they work quietly.
  • Stay on task longer by relieving their anxiety and stress so they stay calm while they work.
  • Move without distracting others or making any noises.
1. Use Bouncy Bands as a fundraiser. You can choose from two models. First, for every Bouncy Band that is sold for $14.95, a free one is provided. Or, every Bouncy Band is sold at $15 and the PTA (or School Counseling Fund) can keep $7.50 profit. You can also combine models if preferred. Download the Fundraiser Application:

2. Take the initiative and apply for a 1-page Donors Choose grant. (Print out your grant since it is excellent documentation for your yearly evaluation to show leadership.) Here's a link for tips on how to get funded, along with a sample application that you can copy and paste:

3. Submit a Research Proposal to monitor the effects from students using Bouncy Bands in your school. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive 10 free Bouncy Bands for your school. This is a great way to document how you are making a difference in your school. Keep this data for your yearly evaluation. Download the proposal form here:

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