Google+ Elementary School Counselor blog, by Scott Ertl, Elementary School Counselor: Indiv. & Group Counseling

Indiv. & Group Counseling

Tired of the "She said-She said drama"? Use these 3 Powerful Questions!

  • Instead of getting mired down in the details of what happened, help students create new possibilities with clarity and confidence instead.
Fiddlers help students relax, play and talk
  • Counselors use lots of different toys for students (parents and teachers, too) to hold while talking as a way to soothe, and release anxiety when talking about sensitive issues.

Counselors use Individual Counseling Sessions Data Logs to show the difference that their sessions make with students.

Free Individual Counseling Sessions Data Log
  • Counselors appreciate having a simple way to keep track of the students they consult and how they are making a difference with students in their sessions.


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